Someday Today

Someday Today | Hearts for Purity

“If only…..”

I mutter to myself as I read yet another Facebook post about someone who has announced their upcoming
wedding/new baby/house down-payment.
And it’s enough to make an eighteen-nearly-nineteen year old girl like myself wonder,

“When will it be my turn?”

Then I remind myself, “God is enough. His will, not mine,” and go on  my merry-ish way.
A couple of days later, a friend tells me, “You know so-and-so? Well, she’s expecting!!”
I paste on a smile while my heart cries, “When, Lord, when?? Will it ever be my turn?? Can ‘someday’ be today???”
Then He reminds me:
  If I am not content in my circumstances today, how will I ever be content in marriage and motherhood?
If I don’t love my Savior with all that is in me today, will I really be able to love my husband someday?
I’m so caught up in my desires for someday, that I’m not looking to God to fulfill me. When I take my eyes off of Him, I can’t be content.
True, there will still be days when I in tears bring my desires back to the hands of my Father.
 I need to remember:
Wedding cakes and bridesmaid dresses,
baby bottles and diapers,
 will never bring true contentment to my heart.

Only Christ can do that.

Today I am single.
Today I can serve God in ways that as a wife I could not.
Today I can participate in dozens of areas of ministry that further His kingdom.
And in serving, I’ll be prepared for ‘someday’.
Today I’ll live; I’ll not hold back, not shy away from the fun and the beauty of now.
Today I’ll love Him fully, and learn to love Him with all my heart.
 And maybe, one day, when I am lost in Him and His love, I’ll wake up and realize that ‘someday’ is now ‘today’.
This was originally published on Everyday Encouragements, and then on Radiant Girls of God.

3 thoughts on “Someday Today

  1. xgenerationwhyx says:

    I loved this article, I’m just now walking into my journey of being pure and started a blog as an avenue to be transparent and grow. I would love if you could check it out because I believe the best way for me to grow is to have partners in that growth. The blog is called “thegoodfight13”. I would love partners on this journey.

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