A Greater Cinderella Story

photo by Micaela Wood (post author)

At the age of three, my favorite movie was Disney’s Cinderella. For a while, I watched this movie once, sometimes even twice a day. There was just something beautiful about Cinderella and Prince Charming twirling around the ballroom. In my little-girl heart I hoped that someday, I could have a Prince Charming of my own.

Most girls want their own Cinderella story in which they meet their prince, he wins her heart, they get married, and they live happily ever after. We often long for a story such as this, daydreaming and planning for our future with the man God has planned for us to marry. There’s nothing wrong with the desire to get married and raise a family; it is a God-given dream that He designed us to have.

A girl’s wedding day is often associated with the story of Cinderella……sometimes, we even call it her “Cinderella Moment.” At one time or another, we all dream of our Cinderella moment—our Cinderella story.

But we often get caught up in planning the perfect wedding, or dreaming of the day our knight in shining armor, Prince Charming, comes riding on a white horse to sweep us off our feet.  Our desires for “happily ever after” are often crushed as we watch all the other princesses find their princes, and we are left alone, still waiting for our fairytale.

However, we have a great treasure. If we are children of God, then we can turn to our heavenly Father in times of loneliness. He saved us from our sins, so of course He loves us and cares about how we feel. He removed those tattered garments of sin and replaced them with a robe of righteousness. He truly transformed you!

Do you remember Cinderella’s transformation?

She had worked so hard on her dress, trying to make it beautiful for the ball. Then her step-sisters tore the dress to shreds, broke the necklace, pulled her hair. They went to the ball, leaving a disheveled and heart-broken Cinderella home alone.  Cinderella ran out the back door in tears, and stopped by a garden bench to cry out her hurt and disappointment. But then what happened?

The Fairy Godmother appeared, and she comforted Cinderella. With a wave of her wand, Cinderella was transformed from a girl in tattered rags to a beautiful princess. She was provided with all that she needed….a pumpkin coach, four white horses, a driver, and a footman. With that, Cinderella was sent off to the ball, where she met Prince Charming and they waltzed around the ballroom.

Does it get any better than that? Absolutely!!

You were once dressed in the tattered rags of sin. When you were saved by the Holy Spirit, your dirty rags were transformed into a robe of purest white. You became God’s child. This means that you are a daughter of the King of Kings—a princess! (The day you accepted Jesus as your Savior, your childhood dream of becoming a princess came true!!)

And God didn’t wave a magic wand to save you. Rather, 2,000 years ago He sent His only Son to die on a cross, that you might receive salvation as a free gift. Through salvation by grace, we have a truly breathtaking love story with Jesus Christ. Our love story with an earthly prince is to be but a picture of the true fulfillment and love found in a relationship with Christ.

Now, I’m not at all saying that it is wrong for us to desire an earthly prince charming. But the truth is, the love story we may desperately long for, we already have. Jesus loves you more than an earthly prince ever, ever could. Never doubt that. All the qualities we long for the most, we can find in our Lord—above and beyond what we could have imagined our earthly prince to have.

He loves you, cherishes you, protects you,  rejoices with you and weeps with you, listens to you, cares about you, holds you, is absolutely crazy about you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful  to have someone like that in your life?

Well, I have wonderful news for you. If you have not yet received Jesus as your Savior, then you can right now! And when you do, you will receive the most wonderful Prince you could ever know! Daily your relationship with Him can grow, and it will be ever sweeter as the years go by, if you will continue to seek Him. (He sought you and bought you with His redeeming blood.)

Getting married to your earthly prince is not what will make you a true princess. Becoming a daughter of the King of Kings—that’s what will make you a  real princess.


4 thoughts on “A Greater Cinderella Story

  1. Rachelle Rea says:

    Hi Micaela, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog this afternoon! Blessed my heart! What a sweet ministry you have here…I’m glad to know God has used me in your life and I pray His blessing upon you, dear one, as you embark on this new adventure!

    In Him,

  2. Cosette says:

    I love your perspectives! they are so enncouraging, and you present topics in such a godly and convincing way! I have been finding more and more how amazing it is to “fall in love” with Jesus 🙂

    • micaela419 says:

      Hi Cosette!
      Thanks so much for your encouragement…..I’m glad you enjoyed the article! And I’m glad you are “falling in love” with Jesus. More and more girls need to do that! 🙂

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